Barry Saltz | Enova Illumination

Barry C. Saltz, DDS

“After using the Enova’s IRIS LED surgical headlight for many years, I made the switch to the XLT-225A light along with Enova’s loupes
following 3 decades of wearing a major competitors brand. The combination is superb….the loupes are exceptionally light, depth of field is excellent as is the clarity. The headlight is very comfortable and gives me the extra light I need for outstanding visualization in the darkest areas of the mouth, and the additional intensity can make a difference when needed most. I wouldn’t think of treating a patient without Enova’s newest and finest surgical equipment….the pairing of loupes and light truly “outshines” the competition.”

Barry C. Saltz, DDS
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of New England College of Dental Medicine
Private Practice, Scarborough, Maine

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