Cartagena Colombia Surgical Mission | Enova Illumination

Cartagena, Colombia

Dr. Robert Gilman surgeon | Enova Illumination
Dr. Robert Gilman and Dr. Erika Sears in OR of Hospital Infantil Napoleon Franco Pareja

Cartagena, Colombia:  Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Gilman, MD, DMD, sees children from the poorest segment of Colombia who have cleft lip and palette as well as children with burns, genital anomalies, and genetic deformities to the hands and face.

“During the first days [of the mission trip] we screen up to 200 patients and then perform surgery on 50 to 70 of them,” said Dr. Gilman. “The overhead lights [where they work] are not sufficient for the oral operations we perform and headlights are the only way to go.”

Enova has provided LED surgical headlights for Dr. Gilman’s mission trip for the last seven years. “They are ideal for cleft palette repairs because we can easily move around the patient and the illuminated light is very bright. They’re also lightweight, comfortable and dependable,” said Dr. Gilman.