The Enova Newsroom include company updates and press, stories from our mission program, and in-depth interviews with clinical professionals around the globe who use Enova illumination and magnification solutions in their day-to-day practice. 


Walker Holton

Walker Holton Territory Manager | New England P:  407-592-5823 M:  wholton@goenova.com

Sarah Swinick

Sarah Swinick Territory Manager | New York / New Jersey / Pennsylvania P:   651-369-9834 M:  sswinick@goenova.com

Sidnee Ronsberg

Sidnee Ronsberg Territory Manager | Upper Midwest P:   651-366-0079 M:  sronsberg@goenova.com

Phil Waldstreicher

Phil Waldstreicher Territory Manager | Northern California P:   412-419-7776 M: pwaldstreicher@goenova.com

Cindy Byer

Cindy Byer Territory Manager | Texas / Louisiana P:  832-980-1644 M:  cbyer@goenova.com

Eric Field

Eric Field Territory Manager | Georgia / Alabama / Mississippi P:   651-347-6084 M:  efield@goenova.com

Jeff Plate

Jeff Plate Territory Manager | Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana P:  312-342-3182 M:  jplate@goenova.com

Justin Shump

Justin Shump Territory Manager | Southern California P:  310-367-7093 M:  jshump@goenova.com

Elliott Brady

Elliott Brady Territory Manager | Florida P:  954-592-4777 M:  ebrady@goenova.com

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