XLT-125A Surgical Headlight | Enova Illumination

XLT-125A: Enova’s most popular LED surgical headlight

The XLT-125A surgical headlight from Enova offers top-of-the-line features for surgeons of any specialty. 125,000 lux to keep even the deepest surgical cavities illuminated. Lightweight for all day procedures. Built with aluminum for ultimate durability. Learn about more features here in our Demonstration Video.

LED surgical headlight helps transplant surgeon Harrison Pollinger, DO, FACS, overcome neck pain, provides bright light for deep cavity surgeries

Transplant Surgeon Harrison Pollinger, DO, FACS, sat down with Shedding Light to talk about his practice, technological advances in transplant surgery, and why he chose Enova LED surgical headlights to use during all of his open surgeries. Shedding Light: Tell us about your practice? Dr. Pollinger: I am a multi-organ transplant surgeon and the surgical director of the liver…