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Dakar, Sengal AFRICA

Dakar, Senegal:  Breast and cervical cancer among women is a growing concern in sub-Saharan Africa according to Dr.  Abdul Aziz Kasse, an oncology surgeon and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Cheik Anta Diop University and Joliot-Curie Cancer Institute.  He recently wrote to Enova Illumination regarding our LED surgical headlights and mission program.

Dr. Kasse and a team of mission surgeons performed surgeries—including a breast lumpectomy, gastrectomy, a laser excision of a pre-cancerous cervical lesion and a wire-guided removal of a suspect breast tumor—at his private clinic and the public university hospital in Dakar.

“Because of a lack of effective screening and early access to health care, the cases of breast and gynecologiacal cancers we treat are often late stage, requiring extensive and prolonged open surgery,” said Dr. Kasse. “The use of the Cyclops surgical headlamps, particularly the XLT-225, provided excellent visualization of the deep cavities and I was able to concentrate the light beam to just where I needed.”

“I especially appreciated the portability of the lamps as I could take them to both ORs and move unrestrained around the patient,” said Dr. Kasse.

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