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Differentiating Features and Benefits of Enova LED Surgical Headlights

1. Market Recognition:
a. PBS NOVA TV Series “Transplanting Hope” features Enova Surgical Headlights.
b. Botched TV Series on E!: Dr. Terry Dubrow uses an Enova XLT-125A.
c. Mission Hospitals around the world use our lights (e.g. Guatemala, Philippines, Kenya) Visit to see more about Enova’s role in Mission work.

2. Initial/Recurring Costs:
Enova LED chips are warranted for 5 years of use. At a price point similar to competitor brands, the five years or more that you get out of an Enova headlight makes the cost more reasonable. Estimated maintenance/battery replacement is less than $300 per year. Fiber optic lights require connection to an outlet, costing around $95 per year. They also require frequent cable
and bulb replacements averaging $1,000 per year.

3. Environmental Advantage:
The esitimated energy cost of an Enova LED surgical headlight is just $30 per year as the Li-ion batteries are the only item in need of charging. Our LED chips last 50,000 hours and contain no dangerous materials. Fiber optic bulbs contain toxic materials such as mercury.

4. Durability/Maintenance:
Enova headlights are made with aluminum instead of plastic, making them more durable for years of use. Plus, if repairs are needed, Enova will send a loaner headlight while we repair your product.

5. Infection Control, Sanitation, and Cleaning:
Enova LED surgical headlights use heat sink technology to keep them cool. Other brands use fans. Detritus or infectious material that gets into/onto a headlamp with a fan could be expelled during future procedures. Fans are also extremely difficult to clean/sanitize.

Dr. Terry Dubrow | Enova Illumination


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