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Dr. Klein, KENYA


It was a delight to meet you and the other fine folks at Enova. I am very happy with the headlight which has arrived, and look forward to my new loupes. I spent quite a bit of time at the ACS exhibits a few years ago evaluating loupes and headlights. It was almost frightening to see both of these available in prices from $250 to $5000. It may well have been the fact that you understood mission needs and were willing to lend headlights and sell refurbished ones that made me choose Enova. That allowed me to use them on three separate trips. So when I decided I wanted to take my own headlight to Liberia [a while back], I naturally turned to Enova.

The organization I have been most involved with [recently] is KenyaRelief.org. The website is wonderful and all-inclusive, so I will put their work briefly here.

They have a mission in Western Kenya in Migori, a city of 2 million, although you would not believe it since there are only a few buildings over 2 stories tall. It includes an orphanage, a school for grades K though 12, and a clinic. The clinic has two operating rooms, each with two OR tables. About 16 to 20 times a year surgical teams come to operate. The mission has a dormitory for the 20 to 30 persons who come with the team: 5 anesthesiologists, 4 to 5 surgeons, some residents, and many nurses. We usually do only procedures which require an overnight stay. There are limited laboratory and pharmacy, and there is no imaging other than ultrasound which we bring with us, and no pathology.
Dr. Klein | Enova Illumination
In order to recruit people to go on these missions they are organized to fit into a two week vacation. Two days for travel to and from Nairobi, two days for travel to and from Migori, one day to see patients and schedule operations, three days of busy operating, and two days at a luxury Safari hotel. All the volunteers pay their own way (about $1800 to $2100 plus plane fare). Recently a cafeteria and conference center have been completed as well as a small hospital. The managers and workers at all the facilities are Kenyans.

If you would like to learn more, I urge you to call the founder, Steve James, ‭(256) 507-0217. I am attaching some photos I took of the Enova headlights in action as well as a recap video of one mission, but the website visuals are much higher quality.

Thank you so much for your interest in our work.


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