Enova Pure Light Technology (PLT)


All light sources that humans encounter illuminate their surroundings in different ways. Our eyes receive electromagnetic waves from objects based on how the objects are interacting with the light sources around them. Put more simply, light isn’t just bright or dim, but instead encompasses many other qualities. Two very important qualities of light sources are explored further in this article: color temperature and the color rendering index.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is a standard of describing the apparent color of any given light source and is typically measured using the Kelvin scale. The color temperature scale shown here provides some common approximations to universally recognizable light sources.

The IEC standard for surgical lights is between 3,000 – 6,000 K. Within this range, clinicians benefit from the ideal tissue color rendition – which we’ll cover more in-depth in the next section about color rendering. A number of artificial light technologies are capable of reaching this color temperature range including Xenon and halogen lighting. However, both of these technologies have difficulty managing heat. Read more about challenges of heat management in our Infection Prevention and Control articleLED light is able to produce incredibly white light within required temperature ranges while also producing extreme heat. 

All of Enova Q-Series headlights are available in either a warm or cool color temperature, with our warm headlights at 4500K and our cool headlights at 6100K.


Color Rendering Index

Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure of a light source’s ability to faithfully reveal colors. Paired with color temperature, CRI becomes critical for helping clinicians make important distinctions between tissue, blood, and other objects in their field of view. 

The IEC also regulates required color rendering indices for lights used in clinical procedures. The required range is 85-100 on the color rendering index. This requirement helps ensure that the natural color of the objects being viewed is as true as possible. 

While most LED bulbs produce a CRI score between 80-90, Enova LED Headlights are able to produce CRI as high as 95! 

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