Enova headlights are used around the world. Meet some of the medical professionals who use and love them.

“I always use the XLT-125 in every surgery and like it because it is portable. For the past 20 years I used fiber optic headlights. Although a fiber optic headlight is bright, it tethers me to the power source and is a bother to bring to another room or another hospital. Besides, the brightness of the Enova XLT-125 is excellent in spite of its light weight.”

Takaaki Suzuki, MD
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon
Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, Saitama Medical University
Director, Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Saitama International Medical Center

Adam Saltz | Enova Illumination

“The XLT-125 feels great! It’s lightweight, comfortable, and the battery lasts all day, which is great for a student who is always on the move in clinic. In surgery especially, I need to clearly see the difference between intraoral hard and soft tissues, and this headlight truly delivers. There’s also a “cool” factor to the XLT-125. One of my professors commented about what a “game changer” the headlight is, and I couldn’t agree more.”

Adam E. Saltz, MPH, DMD
2nd Year Periodontal Surgical Resident
University of Texas San Antonio, Health Science Center

Barry Saltz | Enova Illumination

“After using the Enova’s IRIS LED surgical headlight for many years, I made the switch to the XLT-225A light along with Enova’s loops following 3 decades of wearing a major competitors brand. The combination is superb….the loops are exceptionally light, depth of field is excellent as is the clarity. The headlight is very comfortable and gives me the extra light I need for outstanding visualization in the darkest areas of the mouth, and the additional intensity can make a difference when needed most. I wouldn’t think of treating a patient without Enova’s newest and finest surgical equipment….the pairing of loops and light truly “outshines” the competition.”

Barry C. Saltz, DDS
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of New England College of Dental Medicine
Private Practice, Scarborough, Maine

Dr. John Cook Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“The Enova cordless LED surgical headlights were invaluable in allowing us to work at outposts where there was no electricity. They provided fantastic light intensity. The headband adjustments were precise and comfortable and the battery packs lasted an entire day on a single charge. Needless to say, I am very impressed. We could not have done our work without them.”

Dr. John Cook, Dentist
Van Wert, OH

Dr. James Hamman Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“The XLT-125 color filters are a nice feature. They can be used to tune the output color and I’ve been using the 5000-degree Kelvin color temperature (the XLT-125 color temperature without filters is 6100-degree Kelvin). With Enova’s XLT-125, I can adjust the position, diameter, intensity and color range!”

James E Hamman, DDS
Silver Creek Dentistry, Ripon, WI

“Quite simply, the Iris LED surgical headlight is the best on the market. I can’t practice without it. Used with loupes, it puts you ‘in the game’ versus ‘watching from the sidelines.’ A must for any practitioner.”

Dr. Barry C, Saltz, Dentist
Portland, ME

Dr. Howard Graef Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“Enova headlights are more than invaluable. They were essential in successfully treating 275 patients in the mission field. The circumstances were difficult and Spartan at best. Thank you for your generosity.”

Dr. Howard Graef, Cosmetic Dentist
Clawson, MI

Dr. Gary Johnson | Enova Illumination

“In my world, as an Endodontist, looking inside of the hole, which is inside of another hole, then finally another hole, the light is as essential as magnification, if not more so.  Enova’s PLT-165A gives a faithful rendition of the colors and textures inside the tooth. Accurate color rendition is critical because we need to differentiate between tooth structures and restorations made to match those tooth colors. I can find canals that are not visible even with a microscope, especially with PLT-165’s accurate color rendition.  It quickly enables me to differentiate between the two different dentin colors of the inner gray dentin and lighter peripheral dentin, where those little canals line up. The huge side benefit is that even though the light is amazingly bright, allowing me to see deep into the canal system, my eyes are relaxed looking at the details of the canal anatomy.”

Gary Johnson, DDS
Endodontist/Practice Owner
Vienna, VA

Dr. Nechtman | | Enova Illumination

“Headlight- Enova XLT-225A:  I purchased this headlight in anticipation of consistant and reliable lighting for my office work. I noticed immediately the superior lighting from my Enova LED headlight. I selected the cooler light, but worried about accurate color rendition.  I was surprised by the power of illumination. I find the cooler light to be superior for visualization of tissue with accurate color rendering.  The headband remains comfortable during long office days.  The light is consist and superior to my prior office headlights (I have tried many).  I am even considering making this my main OR headlight, thus eliminating redundant systems AND not having to share and wonder why the headlight no longer fits or why fiberoptics are broken. The convenient carrying case makes transport easy.  I am considering adding the camera system to have my own custom set up in office and OR.  I highly recommend the Enova system. It is well thought out and delivers excellent lighting with a comfortable headband.”

Dr. Carl M. Nechtman, ENT
Blairsville, GA

“The illumination of the Iris D-200 was great — very bright, and the battery life was excellent. I really appreciated that Enova was willing to loan such nice units to us for a medical mission to the Philippines.”

Dr. Melanie Lau
OB-Gyn Surgeon
Aloha Medical Mission
Honolulu, HI

“[Using the Cyclops XLT-125] was like ‘night and day.’ Having appropriate surgical lighting is critical and Enova’s headlight is very bright and comfortable to wear. The fiber optic headlights I would occasionally use during my fellowship kept me tethered to a power source and gave me headaches. In my current practice I do not routinely use headlights. However, I was impressed with the XLT-125 as I could easily move around the patient and the battery pack easily lasted for 12 hours.”

Paula S. Lee, MD, MPH
Gynecologic Cancer Specialist with Duke Health
Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University Hospital

Dr. Daniel Klemmedson Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“The XLT-125 provides very good, bright light. It is comfortable, easy to put on and adjust. The battery life is excellent. I often wonder why I have multiple batteries as I rarely need to change midday. It is easy to transport. I carry it with me whenever I am on hospital call. I take it to off-site clinics, to the OR and on rounds.”

Daniel Klemmedson, DDS, MD, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Associates in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Tucson, Arizona

Dr. Juan Lopez Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“Anyone who needs a constant and reliable light source should look at Enova’s headlights. Manufacturers like Enova are innovating to the point that more dental and surgical clinics are making the switch to LED headlights.”

Dr. Juan G. Lopez, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Rory Spearing Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“I’ve been doing business with Enova since 2006 and am truly pleased with the headlight’s brilliant illumination, comfort, and durability as well as Enova’s customer support.”

Dr. Rory Spearing, Oral Surgeon
West Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Terry Allemang Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“I like a number of features on the headlight. Its coaxial adjustment lets me position the light within my bifocal area and it stays in place. The illumination of the headlight is outstanding. I was skeptical when the Enova representative told me how long the battery life was on the digital pack, but he wasn’t exaggerating. The battery pack lasts a long time.”

Terry Allemang, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Terrence L. Allemang, DDS, Inc.

Dr. Christian Rouleau Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“This headlight is my work horse. It is the single most used instrument in my practice. I use it for every examination and surgical procedure. It offers perfect focal dimension and is very bright. Lighting from office-to-office can be very inconsistent, but my S-100 provides superb illumination. It is the only light I need and because it is portable, I take it with me to every office visit.”

Dr. Christian Rouleau, DMD, MD
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Victor Kim Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“I’d looked at many LED surgical headlights before seeing Enova’s headlight. The first time I put it on my head I knew it was superior in design and comfort. The XLT-125 has both co-axial and aperture adjustment options. I can change the spot size with the aperture adjustment and I can change the angle of my view with the co-axial adjustment. And, the light intensity is much better compared to the other LED surgical headlight I was using.”

Dr. Victor Kim, DDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Stanton Braid Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“When I first saw the Enova headlights I thought ‘this is a novel headlight,’ and once I evaluated the headlight and the battery pack, purchasing it was an easy decision. I’ve seen other LED surgical headlights, but they seem like imitations. In my opinion, using loupes has opened the world of visualization to surgery and illumination—better and brighter light like the Enova headlight—has vastly improved the ease with which we perform surgeries.”

Stanton M. Braid, DMD
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital,
Hanhemann University Hospital, and Albert Einstein Medical Center

Dr. Mark Bailey Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“The Enova S-100 LED surgical headlight has literally changed my practice. During surgical procedures I use the S-100 together with the standard dental light with very positive results. I see better than ever and am now using the headlight on restorative procedures that are hard to illuminate due to anatomical location.”

Dr. R. Mark Bailey, Oral Surgeon
Waldron, AR

Dr. Jeffrey Doss Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“We prefer using Enova surgical headlights over the existing fiber optic lights available in hospital operating rooms. In fact, we stopped using the fiber optic lights completely. And, when we built the new office in Windham, Maine, we decided to design the surgical suites without overhead surgical lights. Overhead lights get hot and all of us had already been using the Enova headlights for patient examinations and taking them with us to perform surgeries. It made no sense to spend money putting new overhead lights in each operatory when the Enova headlights are more than sufficient.”

Jeffrey B. Doss, DDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Southern Maine Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (SMOMS)

Dr. Carlos Moretta Surgeon | Enova Illumination

“Back from Zambia. Another amazing trip. The Enova headlights were priceless…In the mission field we saw 1,600 patients in four days and the headlights were unbelievable with long lasting battery life.”

Dr. Carlos Moretta, Oral Surgeon
Kettering, OH

I’ve owned a couple of Enova’s Iris D-200 headlights for five years. The headlights are comfortable enough to wear for long periods. During a mission trip that’s invaluable, especially on those days we stayed until 10 pm operating. The battery packs are easy to recharge and last all day with no worries.

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Kenneth Noonan MD
American Family Children’s Hospital
affiliated with the University of Wisconsin

“Enova headlights work great. Because OR lights do not have sterile handles and I perform surgeries where the target is not fixed in one spot, the Enova headlights really save the day.”

Dr. Anthony N. Brown, Orthopedic Surgeon
Minneapolis, MN

“We performed 35 surgeries on our trip and the Enova headlights were essential to performing these surgeries safely. The operating room lights were not nearly bright enough and did not focus their beams. Your headlights were bright, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. They also had excellent battery life and lasted the entire day on a single charge.”

Dr. John Faust, Orthopedic Surgeon
University of Wisconsin Health Clinics
upon returning from a medical mission trip in
Siguatepeque, Honduras

“Enova has my sincerest gratitude for helping make our work in the remote area of the Dominican Republic easier. Your cordless surgical headlights were such a blessing. They enabled us to achieve better care to needful patients.”

Dr. Gary Painter, Orthopedic Surgeon
Loma Linda, CA

“There isn’t just one thing to like about the Cyclops XLT-225. I like how lightweight and comfortable the headlight is and how portable it is. I can move freely around the patient during surgery while wearing the headlight. You really can’t account for how comfortable this headlight is until you’ve tried it. I can’t imagine using a fiber optic headlight now.”

Dr. Adam Rubinstein, MD, FACS
Plastic Surgeon, Miami, Florida

Dr. Walter Marrou | Enova Illumination

“The headlight that surpassed my needs. I’m from Peru, but right now I’m in Rio de Janeiro finishing my plastic surgery training. Because of my specialty I need the best headlight on the market. That’s what lead me to Enova. They produce a durable aluminiun headlight with variable spot size and excellent light intensity that can be adjusted for my specific needs. The batteries last all day, so I don’t need to be worried about OR charging. Light quality is over the top and coaxial alignment is amazing. Last but not least the headband is lightweight and comfortable. For all this reasons I found Enova to be an all-in-one product. Their LED headlights combine all the features I need to light my surgical field. Thanks Enova … you rock.”

Dr. Walter Marrou

“I’m very happy with it [Cyclops XLT-125]. It is a thinner piece of equipment than it looks at first glance and that makes it very portable. The new headlight is brighter than the S-100 and the spot size is adjustable. This all makes the headlight extremely useful.”

Dr. Jessica Collins, Plastic Surgeon
OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare
San Diego, California

“Lighting is critical during surgery; it is perhaps the most important of an OR repertoire. The quality and color of the light is essential. During surgery I must distinguish between nerves and tissue and be very exact. I don’t have the luxury to make mistakes and the Enova headlights provide a true picture. I use my S-100 during every surgery I perform. I am in the operating room three days a week. I like the battery life of the battery pack; it is extremely long lasting. I also like being cord-free, especially for performing breast surgery.”

Dr. Marc Mani, Plastic Surgeon
Beverly Hills and Dubai

“The overhead lights [at the hospital in Cartagena, Colombia] are not sufficient for the oral operations we perform and headlights are the only way to go. We appreciate Enova Illumination’s Mission Program and have used the Iris D-200 LED Surgical Headlights for the last six years. They are ideal for cleft palette repairs because we can easily move around a patient and the illuminated light is very bright. They’re also lightweight, comfortable and dependable.”

Dr. Robert Gilman, MD, DMD
Clinical Lecturer in Plastic Surgery
University of Michigan

“The Enova XLT-125 provides excellent light, it’s comfortable, and requires little maintenance. The co-axial feature is nice; it lets me adjust where the light is pointed, which during breast surgery is looking up from the belly button. Buying an Enova headlight is kind of like buying an iPhone; they’re affordable and have much to offer.”

Dr. David Kahn
Plastic Surgeon and Academic Physician
Stanford University

“I saw the Enova booth at an ASPS Conference. The design made sense and when I tried them on—I tried the Iris S-100 and D-200—they were lightweight and comfortable. They just felt right. Plus, the fact that they operated on a battery would make it easy to maneuver in the OR without being tethered to a power source. When I was told about Enova’s Mission Program, I jumped at the opportunity to borrow one of the headlights for my mission trip.”

Jessica Collins, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery
University of California, San Diego

“I use my XLT-125 for every surgery I perform except liposuction. The battery life for the Enova headlight is very good. I can be in surgery for six hours or more at one time and the battery has never let me down. I’d love to have a headlight that has a headband as lightweight as a sweatband, but the Enova headlight is pretty comfortable.”

Richard Bensimon, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Portland, Oregon

“I LOVE the Iris LED surgical headlight. It is superior to the competition and provides freedom of movement and outstanding illumination.”

Dr. Raymond J. Harshbarger, III, Lieutenant Colonel
U.S. Army Medical Corps, Director of Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery
Walter Reed Medical Center

“I’ve never been a fan of how fiber optic headlights tether you to a power source; the portability of the D-200 is nice. The brightness of the D-200 is more than adequate and the headlight is ergonomically much better than what I’d been using. I’m also impressed with how long the battery pack lasts, which for me, is an average of six hours with each use.”

Harrison Pollinger, DO, FACS, Transplant Surgeon
Surgical Director, Liver Transplant Program
Piedmont Transplant Institute

“I am a liver transplant and HPB surgeon who has been using the Enova IRIS D-200 for the past 8 months. I can honestly say that I have never used a better headlight. The amount of light and the even distribution of that light into deep cavities really makes my job much easier. The headlight has superb ergonomics and is very lightweight. These headlights are a vast improvement on traditional fiber optic headlights. If you work in deep cavities during your surgeries then this is the light to get, you wll not be disappointed!”

Dr. Sylvester Black, PhD, HPB Surgeon
Columbus, Ohio

“I especially like how the XLT-125, once the lamp is set to my preferred height on my head and at the perfect coaxial position, it follows my line of site but keeps the beam of light out a a patient’s eyes. It is very focused.”

David M. Larson, MD
Director of Ridgeview Emergency Departments
Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia, MN
Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska, MN

“One day the cord to my fiber optic headlight got stepped on. The accident jerked my head back and caused quite a bit of pain. That’s when I started looking for an alternative. I evaluated a number of headlights but I liked the Enova Iris D-200. Most surgeons use fiber optic headlights provided by the hospital. I found fiber optic headlights prohibitive for a couple of reasons. First, because we must move around the patient during surgery, fiber optic headlight cords can potentially contaminate the surgical field, though this doesn’t happen often. Second, the light from the fiber optic lights are not very bright. As an Orthopaedic surgeon, I need very bright, focused light. Plus, multiple people use the same fiber optic headlights at the hospital; I just didn’t think they were optimal for the kind of surgery I perform.”

Michael P. Leslie, DO, Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Yale Medical Group, Yale School of Medicine

“Enova surgical headlights are so powerful and lightweight they become part of you…like your own skin. And, they’re portable, which allows me to move quickly. I’m not tethered by a power cord and can move around the operating table without unplugging or moving a cord. The digital battery pack is lightweight too. I am usually in surgery from 30 minutes to 2 hours and the battery pack stays fully charged.”

Dr. John Chovanes
Trauma and Emergency Surgeon
Coopere University Hospital’s Trauma Center

“Using an LED surgical headlight is becoming standard in emergency care. We often perform laceration repair as well as minor surgeries. The headlight needs to provide excellent illumination and have an adjustable light spot to focus on small cavities. We often go from room to room, which makes a portable headlight preferable. Now that I’ve used both the Halo and the S-100, I recommend the S-100. It is extremely portable and easy to use. The light is superior and the battery pack is easily rechargeable for continued use. The Enova LED headlight is my headlight of choice.”

David M. Larson, MD
Head of the Ridgeview Emergency Departments
Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia, MN
Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska, MN

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