Enova Tough, Round Four – Durability Test Hockey Style

hockey duarability test with the enova illumination cordless LED headlight XLT-125A
Enova Tough, Round Four – Durability Test Hockey Style


This week we put Minnesota nice on Minnesota ice to test the durability of our XLT-125A cordless surgical headlight in round four of our Enova Tough product durability test. “Luxilla” has been crushed, dropped, and crushed again. Cut can it withstand battering from lifelong hockey players?

About the Enova XLT Series

Introduced in 2012, Enova XLT Series (Extreme Light Technology) LED surgical headlights are designed for power and brightness. Surgeons need bright penetrating light to illuminate anatomy right to the bottom of the deepest surgical cavities, and Enova delivers. At 225,000 lux, the XLT-225A is the world’s brightest LED surgical headlight! And the XLT-125A, XLT-105F, XLT- 85F, and XLT-ENT-40A are the brightest models available in their respective categories.

The XLT Series LED surgical headlights feature clear, cool white light (6100 degrees Kelvin and CRI-75 ) that is both uniform and consistent.  Plus,  Enova’s long battery life and excellent comfort are standard with all of our LED surgical headlights.

Most noteworthy, our XLT Series headlights produce more lux than any of our competitors, with the XLT-225A (225,000 lux) being the brightest surgical headlight on the market. If you want your surgical subject extremely light, you need a surgical headlight that is extremely bright.

Lux measures brightness at a specific point at a specific distance. More scientifically, Lux is a measure of brightness in which one lux is equivalent to one lumen per square meter. Average indoor/office lighting ranges from 100 lux to 500 lux; direct outdoor sunlight ranges from 32,000 lux to 100,000 lux.

As with all of our headlights, the XLT Series LED headlights provides extraordinarily long battery life and excellent comfort and balance.

Finally, sign-up for a live online demonstration with an Enova representative and evaluate a Enova Headlight risk-free for 30 days!

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