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Enova’s LED Surgical Headlight models – The names say a lot!

Enova Illumination has been manufacturing LED surgical headlights for over a decade, never giving up on illumination innovation.

Over the years, Enova has come to discover that each medical, dental, and veterinary specialist has different lighting needs.  Whether you are a Cardio-thoracic surgeon in need of deep cavity illumination (XLT-225A) or a small-animal veterinarian needing a steady, but less intense beam (PLT-60F), Enova has designed a model that you’ll love.

However, with ten models to choose from (excluding our MagneLite clip-on), it can be a bit overwhelming understanding the differences between them.  But have no fear, the most important information is in the name!

XLT-125A Surgical Headlight | Enova Illumination
Enova’s XLT-125A

Enova’s headlight names are broken into three parts.  Let’s look at the PLT-80F as our example:


The first component is which series the headlight is a part of, either XLT or PLT.  XLT stands for Extreme Light Technology, and PLT Stands for Pure Light technology.  The main difference between the two series is the color rendering index (CRI).  PLT offers a CRI of 95, while XLT offers a CRI of 75. For more information about these differences check out PLT vs. XLT.


The second component is a shorthand for the light output.  The number shown represents the headlights lux measurement (in 1,000s) at the Enova standard working distance of 14″ (36 cm).  So the PLT-80F produces 80,000 lux when used at a distance of 14″ (36 cm) from the subject. For more information about lux visit our blog post on Shedding Light.


The last component of the name tells you whether the LED surgical headlight’s aperture is fixed or adjustable (F or A).  Fixed lens lights have a spot size of 2″ (5 cm) when used at the Enova standard of 14″ (36 cm).  Adjustable headlights have a range of spot sizes, which can be visualized on the headlights’ product information pages (XLT-225A for example).

LED Surgical Headlamps | Enova Illumination

With the above information, you can tell a lot about our models at a glance. The name alone will tell you the LED headlight’s CRI (and color temperature), lux output, and adjust-ability.  With this information, Enova’s ten LED surgical headlights seem a lot easier to understand.  Hopefully now it will be easier to find the one that is right for you!

If you still have questions, or want to talk through your options, please contact us and let us help you out.

Note: Our ENT specialized lights also include ENT in their name.  This is to distinguish their narrow beam.  The rest of the naming components still apply.



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