Dr. Humphreys | Enova Illumination

Enova’s Mission Program

At Enova Illumination, we pride ourselves in our dedication to supporting the women and men who venture into the world with the goal of providing care.

Surgeons of all types travel to every corner of the world to perform surgeries for those that otherwise wouldn’t receive proper care.  From general surgeons to plastic surgeons, every surgeon can perform better with light.Dr. Edelstein | Enova Illumination

Enova Illumination’s mission program provides these surgeons with LED surgical headlights for their missions abroad.  We have sent LED surgical headlights to Colombia, Guatemala, Philippines, and Kenya just to name a few.

If you or a surgeon you know is planning on traveling abroad to provide care, please contact Enova so that we can send you with some illumination.

Visit our Mission Page to learn more and read some of the amazing stories.

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