February, 2018: Dr. Humphreys


Kijabe, Kenya

Craig Humphreys grew up in Alaska, looking up to a mother that worked with the state’s native communities through teaching. Dr. Humphreys’ expertise as a spinal surgeon drew him to other continents in his pursuit of giving back to the world.  From trips to India, St. Lucia, and China, Dr. Humphreys has dedicated his free time to helping those in need. “There are so many people that want to do good”, says Dr. Humphreys, who is one of those people himself, currently giving back toKenya 1.jpg the communities in Kijabe, Kenya.
Dr. Humphreys started going to Kenya in 2012 with the World Medical Mission. After realizing the potential for positively affecting the community, he went back to Kenya in 2014 in the hopes of finding a local hospital to partner with to provide spine care.  On this trip, he encountered CURE Kenya, and has been going back ever since.
Dr. Humphreys has performed 43 spinal surgeries on these trips and is working towards developing a medical education program for spinal surgery.  His hope is to find funds for the construction of medical and training facilities over the next 12-18 months.  Upon completion, the facilities will have lectures 4 days a week, while providing patient care and surgical training to residents.
While providing help in the ways of surgical knowledge and resources, he says the transmission of knowledge is not one-directional. “We give the people we work with technology, they give us life lessons,” he says, adding “People there teach you so much, it really changes who you are.”
In the drive to create positive change, doctors face many challenges.  Dr. Humphreys describes, for instance, teaching the local aircraft mechanic in Nairobi how to fix microscopes used in spinal surgery. Yet, in the form of equipment, many companies and organizations try their best to support those that dedicate their time to helping the world.
At Enova, we strive to give aid in the form of light.  Dr. Humphreys has taken some of our headlights with him on previous trips and says they are invaluable.  On a recent trip, he left the headlights in Kenya because it was clear they were needed to save lives.  “They had tears in their eyes, they were so happy.  And these are guys that don’t cry a lot.”
Dr. Humphreys and his team will be going back to Kenya in February, and he asked Enova to lend some more lights for this trip. Giving back to the world is one of our core missions at Enova, and we will be following Dr. Humphreys’ next adventure with open eyes and open hearts.  In an upcoming issue of Shedding Light, we will catch back up with Dr. Humphreys and learn about this February trip.  Good luck on your mission Dr. Humphreys, we will talk to you soon!

Enova has Moved

In July of 2017, Enova’s headquarters made the 14-mile trek to a new permanent location in Minneapolis. As Enova grew, and its products got a new look, it only made sende to start fresh in a new city.
Long situated in north St. Paul, you can now find Enova just off I-35W in northeast Minneapolis.  The move took its toll on the patience of Enova’s employees (and continues to do so for some certain Wisconsonites), but the new facilities offer better office space, a more state-of-the-art warehouse, and plenty of room for growth.
Enova associates had a few things to say about the new location.  Anders Berglund (production and Quality) says, “The coffee from the Holiday [Gas Station] comes in large, delicious quantities, and it could not be closer.” Jordyn Kaufer (Sales and Marketing) says he loves the Catrinas Mexican Restaurant situated close enough for a quick lunch break.  Although, he adds, “It took me two hours to get Locale.jpghome in the snow.” To be fair, snow in Minnesota is a given, so Jordyn’s complaints garner little sympathy.
Enova President Roger Heegaard loves the new location, and welcomes visits from customers and friends alike.  So, if you are curious about how Enova is coping in the big city, stop by and say hello.
1717 Broadway St. NE  |  Minneapolis, MN 55413

Enova’s newest AssociateMatt

At the start of 2018, Matt Johnson joined the sales team here in snowy Minneapolis.  After playing professional hockey in Sweden, he is settling in nicely to the Enova routine.  Matt lives in Saint Paul Park just south of St. Paul, and likes sunflower seeds and Ford F-250s.  Stop by the office to say hello, or welcome him over the phone when you call Enova’s service line.

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