May, 2018: Untethered Mobility

Mobility is key.  Whether it’s in your car, on foot, or in some other manor, moving around is one of the important components to human life.  Road-trips and traveling are cultural phenomena, and globalization and air travel have brought the people of the world closer than ever before.
Medical technologies usually define innovation, giving the world products and services that make life easier and healthier. So why is it that the O.R. often remains a zone of confined movement in an untethered world?  With fiber optic lights, surgeons are tied to the wall, and must have cumbersome light-boxes in tow.  In a world in motion, it is time the O.R. became freer.
LED technology, by virtue of its unending list of uses, has come a very long way in providing possibilities for the future of lighting. What was once a blip on the technological radar is now giving surgeons long-overdue freedom.  Welcome to the world of self-contained surgical lighting. Consider yourself untethered.
Enova Illumination and other LED Surgical Headlight companies manufacture light-sources for the modern surgeon. The light produced is the same – up to 250,000+ lux of pure white homogenous light – but with LED the power is at your hip (and sometimes on your head – more on that later).Powerpack free
LED Surgical headlights utilize lithium ion batteries to provide power in a self-contained “power-pack”. Not much bigger than a deck of cards, these power packs provide up to 10 hours of maximum light (depending on headlight and battery model) in a nifty little box.  In 2018 all a surgeon needs to be tethered to is his/her own belt.
Why remain attached to the wall when total mobility is so attainable? Dr. John Chovanes at Coopere University Hospital’s Trauma Center says “And, [LED Headlights are] portable, which allows me to move quickly. I’m not tethered by a power cord and can move around the operating table without unplugging or moving a cord.”
If moving freely is your wish, you needn’t look any further than LED.  And just to prove that LED innovation is ceaseless, I bring you Enova’s Freestyle battery pack (below).  Attached to the headband of the headlight itself, the Freestyle battery makes the self-contained headlight that much more compact.  No cables, no cords, no tethers.
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If you like to move freely, consider LED, and give Enova a call.  Enova offers free 30-day trial periods on all of our models, giving you the chance to experience untethered mobility for yourself.  Visit to sign up for a trial, or email to speak to one of our representatives. There’s never been a better time to untether!

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