Meet our Team: an inside perspective with Sidnee Ronsberg

Enova Illumination has been busy! We’ve officially expanded throughout the United States in five territories: Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, the New England area, and Southern California. With each of the new regions, highly qualified, knowledge managers were brought on to represent Enova’s mission and showcase our products.  As a company who travels often for tradeshows, permanent team members across the country helps grow and expand our local company. With every new addition to our team, comes fresh ideas, new resources, and exciting new business relations.

The feedback and testimonials from clients relied back to our representatives provides some of the most insightful knowledge we use to generate the most elite devices found on the market. To gain some inside perspective on the trends found in healthcare, we’ll be checking in periodically with our territory managers. The goal is to learn more about the way our products are uniquely used, what customers are saying about the products, and anything else they’ve gathered within the industry.

Sidnee, Minnesota territory manager

Sidnee, our Minnesota Sales Representative, was able to take a moment and discuss some of the trends and evolution related to our company. Sidnee has been with Enova Illumination for just over a year, initially starting in an internal roll before making the transition to handle sales as the local Territory Manager.   Over the course of a year, she’s watched the company nearly double in size and momentum.

“It has been so incredible to contribute to the growth and change,” she states, “as well as witnessing everyone’s hard work and dedication flourish.”

At the end of 2019, Enova introduced the most efficient family of surgical headlights to date, known as the “Q-Series”.  The LED headlights produce between 10-25% more power than prior models, maintaining a long battery life and incredible durability.  Enova also introduced an exciting and colorful line of customizable loupes  compatible with a lightweight, wireless clip-on light.

“We are the first company to create colored oculars which has really created a buzz – especially among the hygienists and plastic surgeons,” remarks Sidnee.

We often see trends and similar professions gravitate towards a specific product based on the customer’s needs.  Sid mentions across the market, Enova’s wireless lights have been in high demand. The atom light is one of the lightest, wireless lights on the market, making it ideal for dental professionals in need of additional illumination.

“Time and time again, doctors are sharing with us that our products are by far the best in quality, paired with unmatched customer service. We are delighted to hear these responses.  A quality brand with strong customer service is what we strive for. It’s great to know our story is evolving into what we are aiming for,” Sid states.

At the time, Sidnee and a few others were preparing to head to Boston, Massachusetts for Yankee Dental Congress.  The days leading up to tradeshows are always exciting, as we pack and prepare.  It’s always been a great opportunity to meet new people and showcase our quality brand culture. One of the most recent additions to our packing list, is the Zumax 3D microscope.  The Zumax microscope is equipped with cutting edge technology that integrates 3D/2D technology within the camera, electromagnetic armature for single handed use, and is the first microscope to use a Smart Glass option for the user.  The Zumax Microscope will be at the upcoming Chicago-Midwinter conference, along with Sidnee and several others from our local office. It’s always been a large event for Enova and one that many of our employees look forward to attending.

“We are anticipating a lot of exposure and great conversation around the microscope during this conference,” replies Sidnee. “I’m thankful for my team to be able to be able to do such a great job providing such great products to our customers to help enhance their vision and careers.”

­The Zumax microscope, Vizix custom loupes, and Q-series LED surgical headlights will be making their way to several conferences this year.  Our upcoming tradeshows for 2020 can be found here.  Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for updates on our whereabouts and product information!

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