Microscopes: New Age Technology

Enova Illumination is celebrating another exciting landmark. After announcing our partnership with Zumax at the end of 2019, we’ve officially installed our first surgical microscope inside Mead Family Dental in Saginaw, Michigan. Dr. Alan Mead is known throughout the dental field for the popular (and hilarious) podcast he cohosts with Dr. Jason Lipscomb, The Dental Hacks, available on iTunes.  The podcast is best described as entertaining while educational and a must-listen for anyone in the dental industry. Designed to be the most efficient, user-friendly product in the dental and ENT market, we’re absolutely thrilled for Mead Family Dental to be bringing this cutting-edge technology into the practice.

Enova features two advanced Zumax microscopes, the OMS2380 and OMS2360. Both microscopes are taking the market by storm due to their usability, affordability and high-quality image capturing.  The high-quality optics are German crafted and multi-coated to reduce optical irregularities and provide anti-reflective properties. The light temperature is designed to simulate daylight for natural viewing and documentation. Viewing the subject with a natural light source provides a crisper, clearer image favorable for deep cavity illumination.  The integrated LED illumination will maintain a longer life and consume less energy over competing halogen and xenon light sources.

“Zumax’s microscope offers an LED light source that doesn’t allow any reduction in light quality, whereas fiber optic lights [xenon/halogen] degrade in quality as time goes on and must be replaced.  LED is rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use,” Jordyn Kaufer, Enova’s North American Sales manager explains.

Chicago Midwinter Microscope Demo

The technology also features an optional integrated 2D/3D camera with a screen monitor compatible with smart-phone pairing.  The optional recording system is equipped with the ability to record high-quality media and save the data on an internal SD memory card. The phone adapter allows for readily available pictures to show the patient or assistant without having to remove the SD card.

One of its most stand-out features is the smooth 18.6x magnification that allows the user to seamlessly zoom in on the object.  Zumax’s balancing arm supports the weight of the microscope, allowing it to be a one-handed operation while repositioning.

“Learning to balance the arm properly will allow for easy, smooth adjustments,” Jordyn comments.

The integrated VarioDist object lens with a working distance range of 200mm – 450mm enhances comfort and promotes safer workplace ergonomics for the user.

After the microscope is installed, a great way to get familiar with the mechanics is to start with hygiene checks and exams.  Starting with routine procedures allows the user to get familiar with the magnification while looking through the binoculars.  Once the user is familiar with viewing, Jordyn recommends moving slowly into using the handpiece to adjust.

The mission at Enova has always been to deliver medical devices that improve vision, safety, and efficiency for healthcare providers.  We’re confident in the design of this product. If you’re interested in elevating your practice with the help of the Zumax microscope, Enova can help.  Any of our representatives can assist in answering questions on financing, installation, and how to maximize the usability of the microscope.  For general inquiries, contact our customer service department at sales@goenova.com or 651.236.8857.

To talk to Jordyn Kaufer directly, contact him at jkaufer@goenova.com or at 651.236.8852.

For a chance to see and demonstrate the microscope yourself, visit us at one of our upcoming tradeshows:

April 1 – 4, 2020

American Association of Endodontists (AAE) in Nashville, TN

April 23 -25, 2020

Star of the North (SON) in Minneapolis, MN

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