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Enova supports medical missions and disaster relief work around the world. Hundreds of doctors, dentists, and relief workers have used our LED surgical headlights to bring basic healthcare to rural and remote communities throughout the word.  Since 2014, Enova has aided in over 130 medical mission programs in 6 out of 7 continents!

Enova is proud to partner with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Operation Smile among other organizations to contribute to medical missions all over the world!

If you’re curious to learn how Enova can help your mission contact our service team to help get you started.

Our mission is to support your mission to help heal the world.  Please submit this form to request Enova surgical headlights for use on a mission trip.

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Mission Trips

Dr. Simon Ganal in Papua New Guinea

Dr. Simon Ganal Life-Saving Aid for Rural Papua New Guinean Hospitals In Papua New Guinea, a lack of government funding and resources are pushing rural hospitals to the brink of closure. Dr. Simon Ganal is a German doctor currently living with his family in Etep, Papua New Guinea. He travels between rural hospitals, performing life-saving

Mission Trips

Bringing Light to the Arusha Lutheran Medical Center

In northern Tanzania, near the famous and massive Mt. Kilimanjaro, lies the town of Arusha.  With over 400,000 inhabitants, it’s Tanzania’s third largest city. At the base of Mt. Meru and close to the border with Kenya, its inhabitants speak mainly Swahili. The city represents a prime location for a certain type of philanthropic institution:

Mission Trips

A Snapshot of Global Healthcare: Missions in India, Liberia, and Tanzania

Over the course of the last week, I spent time reviewing archived blogs written by a former employee. While at Enova, Anders had an amazing opportunity to travel with the president of the company, Roger Heegaard. During their travels, the two explored different healthcare systems around the world. After reading through his blogs, it felt

Mission Trips

Providing Hope In Healthcare: War-Torn Liberia

Anders Berglund traveled through India and Africa on behalf of the Enova Mission Program and documented his experiences along with Enova President and CEO, Roger Heegaard. They recently spent time in Liberia assessing the state of the nation’s healthcare system and Anders shares their touching and inspiring experience below.  For people my age (mid-20s) in

Mission Trips

Enova Mission Program – Ahmedabad, India

Enova Mission Program Ahmedabaed, India On January 4th, 2019 two of Enova’s own, President Roger Heegaard and Anders Berglund, set out on a two-month long journey to explore and better understand the medical infrastructure and healthcare needs of a number of developing and underdeveloped countries – specifically India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nigeria, Liberia, and Tanzania. During

Mission Trips

The FINN Foundation

Enova Mission Program The Finn Foundation In the beginning of November, Dr. Charlie Finn returned from Haiti.  Like many of the doctors we speak with at Enova Illumination, he was there on a surgical mission.  However, in this case he returned from a mission through his own foundation.  As his dedication to surgical missions grew over the years,

Mission Trips

November, 2018: Dr. Klein's mission work.

Enova Mission Program Monrovia, Liberia Many months ago, Dr. Michael Klein came into Enova’s office to purchase a pair of loupes.  Coming from Chicago, there was some instant bonding over our Midwestern roots.  When the office learned of Dr. Klein’s commitment to mission work around the world, it only further excited us.  We sat him

Mission Trips

September, 2018: Dr. Bergseng

Enova Mission Program Cubulco, Guatemala Sometimes solving problems requires nothing short of a little miracle, and Dr. Bergseng knows all about that. With about a week left before his trip to Cubulco, Guatemala he was told a surgical headlight was a must. He would very shortly be on a mission trip with Christian Medical and Dental

Mission Trips

August, 2018: Dr. Gilman

Enova Mission Program Cartagena, Colombia In February of 2018, Dr. Robert Gilman went to Cartagena, Colombia for the 20th time.  This many trips to the same spot would be an accomplishment for a vacationer visiting their favorite beach town, but that is not why Dr. Gilman goes to Cartagena.  In this large Caribbean city there are

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