New Enova Illumination-Novocam Medical Innovations Joint Venture Brings High Definition Video Quality into the Surgical Suite

Enova’s Cyclops XLT-125 with the Futudent HD Camera

Video cameras are gaining widespread acceptance as a tool to improve patient safety, ensure the quality of medical or dental care, and to teach future doctors and dentists. Not only do patients support the idea of having their procedures recorded, such technology can better inform efforts to determine complications during surgery and can become part of the patient’s electronic medical record for any future doctor or dentist. Video is also a powerful teaching tool for medical and dental school students, and one that students now expect in addition to other resources in the classroom.
Recognizing the advantages high definition, quality video provides physicians—and especially surgeons—brought Enova Illumination’s President Roger Heegaard together with Lars Kåhre, CEO of Novocam Medical Innovations. That same recognition is also the basis for their new joint venture that provides the world’s most powerful battery-operated LED headlight with high-quality point-of-view video recording with an integrated cloud platform for storing and sharing.
Novocam Medical Innovations is based in Helsinki, Finland, and is the parent company of Futudent, a leading dental video manufacturer.  The camera can be attached to Enova LED Surgical Headlights or any brand of loupes and captures crisp HD video recordings, stills and audio. The camera weighs only 0.56 ounces (16 grams) and has dimensions of 0.7 x 0.9 x 1.0 inches (18 x 22.5 x 25 mm). Surgeons can expect perfect focus with excellent depth-of-view, very high resolution (1280 x 720 resolution at 25 frames per second), and 2X to 8X magnification.
Pairing the Futudent camera with Enova’s LED Surgical Headlights—which provide the highest quality of pure homogenous light for true tissue rendition–enhances the video with consistent, reliable light. And, because the camera can be attached to the Enova headlight, the point-of-view of the camera is identical to that of the surgeon.
Additional advantages of the new Futudent HD Camera are the ability to show colleagues what you see during surgery in real time, store recordings on a secure cloud server as well as on your hard drive, and share videos with any colleague worldwide.
Enova and Novocam have been displaying both technologies at tradeshows now and the camera is available to purchase from Enova in the United States.

October’s Enova Sweepstakes Winner

Dr. Ahmed Sayed

Dr Ahmed
Dr. Ahmed Sayed

In October, Enova began selecting grand prize winners in its 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes Contest. Our first winner is Dr. Ahmed Sayed, a cardiac surgeon in Cairo, Egypt. He has always dreamed of helping heal the hearts of people and focuses his practice on arterial revascularization of the heart, more specifically coronary artery bypass grafting.  Dr. Sayed currently practices at Cairo University as well as DAF Hospital in Cairo. He won Enova’s Cyclops XLT-125.
“Using the new headlight makes a great difference in harvesting skeletonized mammary artery,” said Dr. Sayed. “It allows me to see best to reach cavities and small branches of the heart.”
Dr. Sayed had been looking for a good surgical headlight when he discovered Enova’s website five years ago. At that time, he advised his professor Yahia Balbaa to purchase an Enova headlight; who purchased two headlights.
Winning the XLT-125 was a great surprise, one he appreciates. “This is the best LED Surgical Headlight ever,” said Dr. Sayed. “The battery lasts five to six hours before I have to change it or charge it.”
He continued, “All of my colleagues who have seen the headlight are very impressed. I am always recommending Enova headlights.”

Help Us Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary!

10-Year-LogoWe’re happy to announce our second Grand Prize Sweepstakes Winner! Dr. Charles Ledonio, the Diretor of Spine Research at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Minnesota won a Cyclops XLT-225 LED Surgical Headlight. See next month’s Shedding Light to learn more about Dr. Ledonio. Visit the Enova website to see all of the 10th Anniversary Celebration activities. We invite you to check out our new coaxial LED surgical headlight, new digital battery packs, our Sweepstakes Contest for the chance to win a new Enova headlight, our Top 10 Stories, and our history of enovation since 2005!
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