New standard in surgical headlights; Enova appears on Fox Business Networks and Bloomberg International

Enova Illumination’s President Roger Heegaard appeared on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland earlier this fall to discuss advancements made in LED surgical headlights. Taped in Los Angeles, this segment appeared on Fox Business Network and on Bloomberg International to over 50 countries around the world.

“The traditional headlight is a fiber optic headlight. It is a technology that has been around for about a half a century or longer and it has not evolved much at all. What we have done is taken LED technology and added it to surgical headlights to make them lightweight and tether-free. The battery is clipped to the surgeon’s belt. They are brighter than a car’s headlight and they are adjustable. We have created the most intense, single LED headlight in the world,” said Heegaard.

Enova Illumination LED surgical headlight designs are FDA-registered and patent protected. The newest headlight—the Cyclops XLT-225—is the brightest LED surgical headlight in the world at 225,000 lux. It provides pure white light at 6100 degrees Kelvin for excellent tissue color rendition.

The all-aluminum lamp and rigid plastic headband are durable yet comfortable and lightweight; the total weight of the headlight is 11 ounces/321gm. A thick replaceable foam headband liner makes the XLT-225 comfortable to wear during long surgeries. And, the headlight has two extended brackets  to provide superior co-axial articulation with or without loupes and an adjustable aperture which allows a surgeon to create a spot size as small as 2” to as large as 6” in diameter.


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