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Photographer Update: Santa Cruz Del Quiche!


[Being the Cascade Medical Team photographer and son of Dr. Winnie Henderson,] Seeing the Enova headlights in action was an extraordinary experience. The use of the Enova headlights was essential for the completion of the surgeries performed. The room that had been set up had little to no light for a traditional operating room. The wiring and energy source came from a handful of generators and at times there were difficulties with them. Meaning that the Enova headlights lasted not only the entirety of a procedure but the whole day! A total of 77 surgeries were performed and 1,704 patients treated with the help of the Enova headlights. No other headlights compared to the ease and accessibility of the surgeries as I had seen!

Thank you!

Team Photographer Michael Henderson

P.S. For higher quality photos visit Enova’s Facebook page here:

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  1. I was on the same mission with my son but out doing work installing stoves. He came with us one day and I was very impressed with the photos and the quality of the photos he took of us. These photos he has submitted says a lot about our mission and how much a good headlamp contributes to the surgeries and the quality a surgery can take based on the lighting.

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