Surgical Headlights PLT 100A | Enova Illumination

PLT and XLT: fulfilling every need

Enova’s LED surgical headlights are designed to eliminate all of the lighting issues faced by surgeons – of every specialty!

  1. Git rid of shadows once and for all: our bright and coaxial LED systems eliminate darkness and destroy shadows in the surgical cavity. See everything you need to see.
  2. Distinguish tissues with immense ease:  offering headlights in two high color-rendering indicex (CRI) series (XLT has CRI 75; PLT has CRI95) means colors are seen as nature intended.
  3. Never lose power or mobility:  using lithium-ion technology, and two-bay charging means you can stay illuminated non-stop without worrying about fiber-optic tethers or boxes.

Visit and check out our Evaluation program to try for yourself.

Cordless Surgical Headlights | Enova Illumination

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