Magnet Adapter Kit – For Use with Axis Light and Face Shield


Align your Axis light coaxially with the Magnet Adapter Kit. Placing the light in your line of sight removes unwanted shadows and distractions.  Our lightweight magnet is easy to install, uninstall, and reuse on most face shields. Axis Light quickly and easily attaches by a magnet to the front of most face shields allowing for easy removal and cleaning. By affixing the light on the outside of your shield you can easily adjust your filter and beam without removing your gloves.

Struggling to use your light with new PPE regulations? This system allows you to put your light where you need it, between your eyes. With the Magnetic Adapter Kit and our Axis Light easily adjust brightness and filter without removing gloves.

• 1 magnet (reusable)
• 4 screws (reusable)
• Simple install instructions



Due to high demand, there will be a 24-48hr order processing time and longer than usual delivery times. Please contact our sales team directly if you have questions about your order.

For more information, please contact our customer service team by emailing sales@goenova.com, calling 651-236-8857, or visiting our contact us page.


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