A series of earthquakes hit Puerto Rico earlier this month, a devastating natural disaster that struck just three short years after the country was already rocked by Hurricane Maria in 2017. In the wake of the earthquake, the country was left in a near electrical blackout. Nearly two thirds of the island lost power; a terrifyingly high percentage when a country is facing a humanitarian crisis.

In an earlier blog post we stated that Enova Illumination’s mission has always been to create and deliver top of the line medical devices that allow healthcare professionals to see better, so they can perform better. When doctors perform better, lives are saved. Enova Illumination supports healthcare professionals aiding in medical missions and disaster relief through the Enova medical mission program. For clinics and hospitals in Puerto Rico right now, we try to provide what relief we can.

In response to the earthquake, Enova Illumination teamed up with FootPrint Project to donate and deliver 10 Qubit LED Surgical headlights to hospitals facing the power outage. FootPrint Project is a Minneapolis based non-profit organization that supports sustainable disaster relief through clean power and technology. Clean water, renewable energy, and reliable infrastructure are often critical necessities when performing life-saving medical procedures. The Enova headlights are high-powered, battery operated devices built to withstand robust situations often found in areas redeveloping after natural disasters. The aluminum housing surrounding the LED bulbs can endure strong levels of sanitation treatments, unlike its plastic competitors which can breakdown quickly. By utilizing the rechargeable battery, doctors are tether free and have complete mobility throughout the procedures. It’s crucial for our products to hold up to a doctor’s endurance and devotion to providing medical care in crisis situations.

“Enova’s headlights are critical to the success of our work and the work of the doctors now working in many tent hospitals here in Puerto Rico,” said Jonah Sargent from FootPrint Project. “Doctors need light to perform surgery. Without adequate light, people will die.”

To date, the medical mission program has aided hundreds of doctors, dentists, and relief workers in countless trips all over the world. The program is open to anyone who is providing healthcare support in any area of need. This applies to the shortest of missions, sometimes less than a week, to trips that extend several months and longer. Sitting down with our sales representatives Michael Chuinard and Sidnee Ronsberg, both of whom work with the medical missions, provided some insight from their own perspective. They agreed it was one of the more rewarding parts of the industry, and to them, there are no small missions, and care at any level is important.

“Say it’s a dental mission, where children don’t even have the basic access to brush their teeth,” Michael begins. “We’ve seen dentists taking the time to brush a child’s teeth for the first time, it’s really amazing work on all levels.”

“When we send the package off, its like Enova is going along on the journey. We’re proud to be part of the difference they’re making; this concept is one of the reasons our company was founded,” Sidnee adds.

As one of the first and few headlight companies to introduce a medical mission program, it is a core foundation to our company’s mission and values, which is why it is designed to be accessible to anyone working in humanitarian relief.

“What a lot of applicants don’t realize is once you apply for the program, the headlight only costs one hundred dollars to use for the entirety of their mission trip,” Michael mentions. “And when they return from their trip, we offer an incredible reduction on the headlight used on the program so the top-level care can continue when they return to their regular professional work.”

Our surgical headlights have been delivering the brightest surgical lights world-wide, throughout South America, Asia, North America, and Africa. Whether our headlights serve in your home operating room or follow you across the world, your work is important to us. The stories and photos shared with us are the fuel that drives us to keep enhancing our technology and improving our devices. Each advancement we make is with the mindset of improving quality of life. If you’re curious about Enova’s mission program, please contact Michael or Sidnee; both will be able to assist you with any questions.

Michael Chuinard
Customer Service & Inside Sales
651.236.8858 (p) · 651.344.0583 (f)

Sidnee Ronsberg:
MN Territory Sales Representative
651.571.2510 (p) · 651.344.0583 (f)

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