Free headlight servicing program to ensure long-lasting, optimal performance!

Do you have an LED surgical headlight that needs to be serviced, cleaned-up, or could use some TLC?

Introducing the FREE Preventative Maintenance Program:

Send us your Enova headlight system and our experts will complete a multi-step service check that includes a complimentary clean! The service is free and Enova will pay for return shipping. The only cost to you is shipping to our home office in Minneapolis. 

Clean and Disinfect the Headlight and Headband
Check Cable Connection
Tighten Brackets
Replace Loose Screws
Adjust the Torque
Check Brightness and Quality of Light
Check Battery Run-Time

Optional Services Available for Purchase:
Replace or Upgrade Comfort Pads
Carrying Case Upgrade
Replacement Accessories

To take advantage of our surgical headlight servicing program, please contact our customer service team by emailing , calling 651-236-8857, or visiting our contact us page.