Signatepeque Surgical Headlight mission | Enova Illumination

Signatepeque, Honduras

Dr. Noonan Honduras surgeon | Enova Illumination
Dr. Noonan and Dr. Sly Youlo used Enova’s Cyclops XLT-125 Headlights on their mission trip to Honduras.

Signatepeque, Honduras: Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Kenneth Noonan MD from the American Family Children’s Hospital affiliated with the University of Wisconsin helps children with limb and spine deformities from all over Honduras.

Each family travels to Signatepeque in hope of getting the life-altering surgery free-of-charge. “We started at about 8 am each day and worked until 8 pm; sometimes later,” said Dr. Noonan. “During the first day we saw 140 patients and then we had five days of surgery.”

Last year the mission team had two of Enova’s Cyclops XLT-125 headlights. “The headlights are comfortable to wear for long periods,” said Dr. Noonan. “During a mission trip that’s invaluable, especially on those days we stayed until 10 pm operating. The battery packs are easy to recharge and last all day with no worries.”

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