Dr. Gary Johnson | Enova Illumination

Testimonial: Dr. Gary Johnson, DDS

“In my world, as an Endodontist, looking inside of the hole, which is inside of another hole, then finally another hole, the light is as essential as magnification, if not more so.  Enova’s PLT-165A gives a faithful rendition of the colors and textures inside the tooth. Accurate color rendition is critical because we need to differentiate between tooth structures and restorations made to match those tooth colors. I can find canals that are not visible even with a microscope, especially with PLT-165’s accurate color rendition.  It quickly enables me to differentiate between the two different dentin colors of the inner gray dentin and lighter peripheral dentin, where those little canals line up. The huge side benefit is that even though the light is amazingly bright, allowing me to see deep into the canal system, my eyes are relaxed looking at the details of the canal anatomy.”

Dr. Gary Johnson, DDS
Endodontist/Practice Owner
Vienna, VA

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