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Testimonial: Dr. Nechtman, ENT – LED Surgical Headlight

Dr. Nechtman | | Enova Illumination“Headlight- Enova XLT-225A:  I purchased this LED Surgical headlight in anticipation of consistant and reliable lighting for my office work. I noticed immediately the superior lighting from my Enova LED headlight. I selected the cooler light, but worried about accurate color rendition.  I was surprised by the power of illumination. I find the cooler light to be superior for visualization of tissue with accurate color rendering.  The headband remains comfortable during long office days.  The light is consist and superior to my prior office headlights (I have tried many).  I am even considering making this my main OR headlight, thus eliminating redundant systems AND not having to share and wonder why the headlight no longer fits or why fiberoptics are broken. The convenient carrying case makes transport easy.  I am considering adding the camera system to have my own custom set up in office and OR.  I highly recommend the Enova system. It is well thought out and delivers excellent lighting with a comfortable headband.”

Dr. Carl M. Nechtman, ENT
Blairsville, GA

Click here to learn more about the headlight Dr. Nechtman uses.

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