Why Custom Loupes Matter for Healthcare Professionals

One internet search and you’ll find an array of items such as clothing, vitamins, or skin care regimens all available for someone to create and design a custom product suited to their personal needs or style.  Moving away from the “ticky tacky” concept of mass-producing cheap items, consumers are no longer limited to buying general, off the shelf, run of the mill products. With this thought in mind, Enova Illumination introduced Vizix Custom Loupes to our product line. The concept behind our Vizix custom loupes is simple: provide magnification that improves visual acuity, enhances workplace posture, and creates a better experience for healthcare professionals and their patients.  Each custom loupe is measured and built to your specifications; engineered precisely to be the only pair of loupes you’ll need.

To be honest, a proper ergonomic posture doesn’t always feel natural.  It’s human nature to scrunch, twist, bend, and hunch our bodies to perform various tasks throughout the day. Taking the time to check in with your body’s performance during the workday and working to correct poor posture will strengthen your muscles and keep your back and neck muscles safe. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down a few components our optical specialists consider before placing a custom order.

Declination angle

One of the most important factors to consider while customizing ergonomic loupes is the proper declination angle.  Historically speaking, the loupe was designed to minimize the bending and twisting of dental professionals by enhancing sight and minimizing neck strain. The declination angle is determined by maintaining a comfortable working position with minimal strain to the neck and back by measuring the working focal point. Repercussions of poor posture may not be felt immediately, especially in younger professionals, but clinical studies have proven dental professionals suffer long-term effects if their posture is not managed and corrected early in their career.

Prescription Carrier Lens

The purpose of loupes is to enhance workplace efficiency, not create more obstacles.  Integrating your eyesight prescription into the HQ-TriVex carrier lens provides a high resolution and crisp image for the times in-between using the ocular.  At Enova, our optical engineers take customization one step further and craft the ocular magnification to seamlessly accommodate your eyesight prescription.  This personalized feature helps eliminate frustrating headaches new loupe users often face when buying generic loupes. Healthcare professionals who wear any type of correctional lens can benefit from integrating their prescription into the carrier lens.

Tip: We understand maximizing the time spent with your patient is important. To help prevent strain on your neck, we discourage peeking over your loupes to make eye contact with the patient.  Instead, we recommend you turn your head to the side and use your peripheral vision while wearing loupes.  Making this simple switch protects the neck and allows you to make eye contact with the patient.

Ocular Color + Oakley Frames

The last piece of customization lets you exercise personal style.  The Vizix loupes are built into your preferred Oakley frames, known for their lightweight and dependable durability. Our partnership with Oakley provides the best level of housing for the built-in oculars. Our oculars are housed in sleek aluminum casings, a more lightweight and sanitary option compared to cheaper plastics typically used in “off the rack” loupes.  While we admit the ocular color has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with your style preference, we still love to offer 5 distinct options: Purple Rain, Lake Blue, Piper Green, Silver Snow, and Classic Black for the aluminum housing.

Vizix loupe in classic black oculars in Oakley housing

At Enova Illumination, we’re committed to providing healthcare professionals with elite products manufactured with the highest level of precision and care. When you make the decision to invest in the longevity of your health and body, our team is with you through the whole process. When we say this is the only pair of loupes you’ll need, we mean it.  Our sales team, optical specialists, and developers are experts are in designing a loupe built to your unique measurements. To inquire more about our Vizix custom loupes, click here to speak to our sales manager.

Loupe Barrels in classic black, silver snow, purple rain, lake blue, piper green

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