We are known throughout the world for our 5 outstanding pillars of excellence:

1.  Brightness and Power: We manufacture the world’s brightest cordless LED surgical headlights and the most powerful battery packs.  Our specially designed battery packs are the most powerful in the industry providing 5 – 24 hours of continuous light at the maximum intensity.

2.  Durability and Dependability: Each of our products undergoes intense testing to ensure dependability and durability.  Our headlights are made with 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and the finest optical lenses and circuitry. We are designed to be “rugged” and to withstand the rigors of daily surgical and clinical use.

3. Innovation and Specialization:  We are committed to continuous improvement and the most up-to-date optical technologies.  With our new Q-Series Warm Headlights (CRI-95) and expanded Q-Series Cool Headlights (CRI-75), we offer headlights that are specifically designed for each surgical and clinical discipline.  Now on our 8th generation of  products, no other company in the world  has the same breadth of LED surgical headlights or the commitment to innovation.

4. Comfort: All of our LED cordless surgical headlights are designed for balance and comfort.  We offer the sturdiest headbands available with either a single ratchet or double ratchet for ultimate adjustability,  the thickest and most breathable comfort pads, and the most adjustable bracket – all designed  to ensure comfort and improve surgical performance.

5. Customer Service:  We have the most responsive customer service in the industry and we proudly stand behind our products.

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